Support us

"Boldness be my friend! Arm me, audacity."

~ Cymbeline: Act 1, Scene 6

Support the Arts, Support the Inn Theatre Company!

Thank you for considering ways to support the Inn Theatre Company. Your generosity plays a vital role in sustaining our commitment to delivering exceptional and captivating theatrical experiences. Here are several ways you can contribute and become a valued supporter of the arts:

1. Donate:

  • One-time Donation: Make a direct contribution to the Inn Theatre Company.

2. Sponsorship:

  • Partner with us through corporate or individual sponsorships. Sponsorship opportunities can range from supporting specific productions to branding opportunities, aligning your name with the arts.

3. Advertise in our programme:

  • Showcase your business or express your support through advertising in our programme. Your message will reach a diverse audience of theatre enthusiasts, fostering a connection between your brand and the local arts community.

4. Volunteer:

  • If time is what you can spare, consider volunteering with us. From assisting with events to helping backstage during productions, your hands-on involvement is invaluable to the success of the Inn Theatre Company.

5. Spread the Word:

  • Help us reach a wider audience by sharing our productions, and fundraising campaigns on social media. Your advocacy is instrumental in expanding our community of supporters.

Your support goes beyond the stage; it contributes to the cultural enrichment of our community and ensures the vitality of the arts. Join us in preserving the magic of live theatre at the Inn Theatre Company. Together, let's cultivate an enduring legacy of artistic excellence and shared cultural experiences.